Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Closing Time

Well everyone, this is my last post for now. I’ve graduated again – but this time from Career Investments’ Get-A-Job plan. Yay! I have a new perspective, strategy, and awesome resume – and really appreciate the process!

I graduated from May, and found myself face-planting into the real world sooner than I could say Yippee!! Before it knew it, I felt like Scooby-Doo running away from a monster. You know, when his feet are running like crazy but he’s not moving anywhere? My brother Chris once told me that this is the hardest economy graduates have entered since the Great Depression – and boy, can you feel it!

Despite perseverance, dedication, great grades and a wide variety of experiences to make me competitive competitive, finding a job is extremely challenging. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world and feel like you’re making no headway. You realize your to-do list is bigger than what you’ve accomplished, and your unemployment status eats away at your confidence.

I found it invaluable to have someone point me in the right direction and give me the tools I needed to make real progress. I feel much more empowered and capable than before – and have even had some interviews! I’ll take what I learned from Career Investments with me for life (because as much as I hate to admit it, chances are I’ll face another job lull at some point). And even though things constantly change, what I learned from Career Investments can be applied universally.

So, as I bid you adieu for the time being, I want to thank Kathleen, Eric, Jim and Tara at Career Investments for all the support and advice they’ve given me. I hope you’ve found this helpful, humoring, and homey. I just really wanted to throw in a third h-adjective. But really, I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing my experience in learning some helpful tools for a job search – and thank you for joining me on my adventure!

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